Detailed Information

Welcome to Tail Blazers Dog Training, servicing Greater Brisbane & Moreton Bay. Our team of kind, compassionate, experienced, and qualified trainers are here to help you better understand and communicate with your furry companion. Specializing in puppy development, behavioural modification, and reactivity, we use rewards-based training techniques to motivate your dog and build trust, responsiveness, and respect.

  • In-home behaviour modification
  • Puppy development, set-up, and training
  • Lead manners, reactivity & aggression
  • Separation anxiety consultations
  • Rescue dog rehabilitation (discounted)

Founded by Brendan Griffin, a passionate advocate for the health and welfare of dogs, Tail Blazers Dog Training takes a holistic approach to each case, delving deep into your dog’s history, routines, behaviors, and more. With a focus on personalized training plans and continuous upskilling, our team is dedicated to helping you and your canine companion navigate any training challenges you may face. Choose Tail Blazers Dog Training for expert guidance and support in your dog training journey.