Detailed Information

The Dog Sessions, led by accredited trainer Caroline Depledge, has been a trusted provider of personalised dog walking, puppy school, and behavior training services for over 15 years. Based in Surry Hills, their team is dedicated to giving every dog the best start in life, helping them understand the world around them and grow into well-trained and settled pets. Whether you’re looking to resolve behavioral issues, improve obedience skills, or simply need someone to take your furry friend out when you can’t, The Dog Sessions offers flexible options including private or group sessions to cater to your specific needs.

Caroline and her team at The Dog Sessions have built a reputation for their expertise and dedication to creating happy and healthy pets. With a focus on personalized care and attention, they treat every dog as if it were their own, ensuring that each pet receives the training and exercise necessary for a fulfilling and enjoyable life. From puppy school graduations to one-on-one training sessions, The Dog Sessions is committed to fostering strong bonds between dogs and their owners through positive reinforcement and effective training techniques.

Caroline’s passion for working with animals, combined with her years of experience and ongoing commitment to learning the latest behavioral science discoveries, sets The Dog Sessions apart as a leading provider of dog care services in the Eastern Suburbs area. Whether you’re seeking dog walking, puppy school, or private training, Caroline and her team are dedicated to providing reliable customer service and extra-special care for your beloved canine companion.