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Green Wing Macaw – red and green macaw as Pets
Birds as Pets

Green Wing Macaw – red and green macaw as Pets 

Also named as the Greenwing Macaw,the red and blue macaw… The red and green macaw is one of the largest of the macaw species growing up to 60 cm in length from beak to tail feather tips. The second largest of the macaw species only the Hyacinth macaw is larger. Native to much of South America they have become popular pets throughout the world.


Red and green macaws display a body of brilliant bright red feathers with wings trimmed in bands of green and blue. Feet and legs are a deep grey, beaks are horn coloured with the lower mandible being black, they exhibit the classic bare macaw eye patches on their face.

Temperament and Personality
Green Wing Macaws are incredibly affectionate and rarely aggressive or prone to disciplining their owners. They have extremely sweet dispositions and a very social and requiring a great deal of attention and bonding time. This is not a bird to buy and leave in a cage… this is a bird that is going to want to be involved in almost all aspects of your life.

Average Lifespan:
Assuming they are provided with the correct diet, exercise and physical and mental stimulation expect your leading green macaw to live at least 50 years but individuals have been known to live almost double this long.

Feed requirements
Your pet shop should have the macaw specific feed that will do will contain most of their dietary requirements. There should be supplemented with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Exercising your Greenwing Macaw
Green Wing macaws are not as active as many other large parrots and they still require lots of physical and mental stimulation. 2 to 3 hours of supervised out of cage time daily will ensure good wind strength, strong bones and balanced mental health.

Anything to note before buying?
Whilst they are not the potentially all day screechers that cockatoos can tend to be, they have at times been nicknamed the yoga bird due to their screeching salute to the sun in the mornings!

In the wild they are social birds living in small flocks of six or strong individuals so when you bring in a macaw into your home you need to provide to this flock environment. Effectively you and your family become the flock and your green ring macaw will seek to interact with all you.

Red and green macaws love to chew so all out of cage time should be well supervised. Make sure they have plenty of toys outside the cage.’ Noisy Toys and colourful toys will appeal, though your macaw will make their own toys’ out of door frames, computer cords and other items regardless of what you provide so don’t let them out and leave them unsupervised.

Red and green macaws are large and long lived birds, they are relatively expensive to keep and will come with high feed and regular veterinary bills, they require a large cage and a great deal of your time. Please consider these things when deciding if this bird is right as a pet for you.



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