Detailed Information

Semaphore Vet is a leading veterinary practice dedicated to supporting clients in caring for their beloved animal companions through preventative medicine, ensuring they lead happy and healthy lives. Established in 1999 by Murdoch University graduates Bruce Wells and Alison Booth, Semaphore Vet has evolved from its original building to a state-of-the-art, purpose-built hospital located on Semaphore Road. Servicing clients from LeFevre Peninsula Semaphore, Port Adelaide, West Lakes, Queenstown, and beyond, our experienced team of veterinarians and nurses provide the highest quality service and care.

Our veterinarians at Semaphore Vet offer a wide range of services, including preventative medicine, elective and emergency surgery in dedicated surgery suites, general medicine, microchipping, and behavioural consultations. We prioritize the health and wellbeing of your pets at every stage of their lives, from early months to elderly stages. Our commitment to preventative medicine ensures that we monitor and maintain the best condition of your animal companions, offering guidance and support during times of illness or injury.

  • Preventative medicine (vaccinations and parasite control)
  • Elective and emergency surgery
  • General medicine and behavioural consultations
  • Fun and informative puppy classes for socialization and basic training

As a partner of VetPay, Semaphore Vet offers flexible payment plans for unexpected or unaffordable upfront costs, ensuring that financial concerns do not hinder the quality care your pets deserve. Contact Semaphore Vet today to book an appointment and experience the professional service and compassionate care that sets us apart in the LeFevre Peninsula and surrounding areas.