For decades now pet owners have defaulted to having to put their pets into a kennel or cattery.  If they could not take their pets with them when they travelled, or if they could not find family or friends to care for the pets whilst they were away, transporting the pets to kennels and catteries was their only option.

A new option has appeared on the horizon and it’s becoming more and more popular – at home pet minding and care.  Someone coming to your home to feed, pat, wash, walk – whatever it is your pet needs.

Some benefits of leaving your pets at home are:

  • No risk of contagious diseases or kennel cough
  • Pets experience less stress by staying in their own home environment
  • No need to transport pets, they come to you!
  • Added security having someone checking on your home each day
  • Cares for all your pets, not just dogs and cats.  We can feed you fish, move the rabbit hutch around your lawn, change the newspaper at the bottom of your budgie cage.

And it doesn’t end there – a home pet minder can check mail, empty bins, water plants or put the sprinkler on your lawn – all manner of useful tasks that go hand in hand with a visit to your house.  These tasks make your house more secure as your house looks less like it belongs to a family who is away.

Like anything in life, it is good to have options and having this new pet care option can only be a good thing for pet owners.   So whether you are going away for work, or for a holiday, for 1 day or for 1 month, pet owners now have the added luxury of choice when it comes to their beloved pets’ care.

Article by Justin Cofield – Lonely Pets Club Director
Lonely Pets Club is Australia’s largest mobile pet feeding and dog walking service and is one such kenneling and cattery alternative. We go into people’s homes to walk dogs, love, feed, water and cuddle all pets, whenever people go away.