Detailed Information

Redefine Canine is a premier dog training business that focuses on redefining the way we train our furry companions. Led by Nicole, a certified dog trainer with a deep passion for dogs, Redefine Canine understands that each dog is unique and requires a personalized approach to training. The philosophy behind their training methods is to define again or differently, ensuring that no two dogs are trained the same way. Whether it’s group classes or one-on-one sessions, Redefine Canine offers tailored training plans to cater to the individual needs of each dog and their family.

At Redefine Canine, training is not just about obedience but also about building a strong bond between owners and their dogs. They believe in making training fun and engaging for both parties, utilizing reward-based methods to create a happy and stress-free relationship. From puppy classes that focus on socialization and basic training to advanced obedience classes for older dogs, Redefine Canine covers a wide range of training needs. Their goal is to help owners redefine their relationship with their canines, fostering better communication and confidence.

Nicole’s journey from volunteering at shelters to becoming a certified dog trainer has shaped the foundation of Redefine Canine. With a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on the latest training techniques, Redefine Canine ensures that both owners and dogs receive the best possible training experience. Whether you’re dealing with nuisance behaviors like barking and pulling on the leash or simply looking to improve your dog’s obedience skills, Redefine Canine is here to help you navigate the world of dog training with expertise and care.