Detailed Information

Purebred Poultry by Tuckers Vite Vite is a renowned establishment dedicated to the breeding and showcasing of a diverse range of high-quality poultry breeds. With a strong focus on excellence and pedigree, the business has consistently produced prize-winning birds that have garnered accolades at various prestigious shows. From Langshan Bantams to Ginger Red Bantams, Old English Game Bantams, Buff Silkies, Indian Game breeds, and more, Purebred Poultry offers a wide selection of meticulously bred poultry varieties.

The success of Purebred Poultry is evident through the numerous awards and recognitions received over the years. Notable achievements include Best in Show titles, Reserve Bird of Show honors, and top placements at renowned events like the Royal Melbourne Show. The dedication and passion of the team behind Purebred Poultry shine through in the exceptional quality of their birds, with a particular emphasis on Old English Game Bantams, Pit Game Bantams, Silkies, and other sought-after breeds.

With a rich history of breeding excellence and a commitment to upholding breed standards, Purebred Poultry by Tuckers Vite Vite stands as a premier destination for poultry enthusiasts and breeders alike. Whether you are looking to add award-winning birds to your flock or simply appreciate the beauty and heritage of purebred poultry, Purebred Poultry offers a unique and reputable source for acquiring top-tier avian specimens.