Detailed Information

PAWS Darwin is an animal welfare organisation with charitable status, located at 77 Winnellie Road Winnellie. Our mission is to provide care for unwanted animals with the ultimate goal of re-homing them to loving families. We are dedicated to educating the community on important animal welfare issues, such as the significance of desexing pets, through school excursions and advertising campaigns.

PAWS Darwin Community Vet is an integral part of our organization, offering low-cost services to the public, with all proceeds supporting the work of PAWS Darwin. This unique service enables pet owners in need to access veterinary care for their animals, preventing unnecessary euthanasia or surrender due to financial constraints. We also provide opportunities for volunteering, work experience, and skill-building for individuals and organizations interested in supporting our cause.

All animals available for adoption from PAWS Darwin are sterilized, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. Our dogs come with additional benefits such as free behavioural class vouchers, while puppies receive complimentary puppy preschool classes. By adopting a pet from PAWS Darwin, you not only gain a loving companion but also contribute to our efforts in promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting the community through our various programs and initiatives.