Detailed Information

Welcome to Oodle Creations, a reputable dog breeding business located in Stratford, Gippsland Victoria. We specialize in breeding family-raised F1b Cavoodles, Groodles, Moodles, and Spoodles. Our passion lies in producing high-quality, healthy Oodle puppies that bring joy and happiness to their new forever homes. At Oodle Creations, our dogs are not just pets, they are part of our family. We dedicate significant time to ensuring they feel loved, receive attention, and are socialized with children and other dogs to help them adapt to their future homes.

At Oodle Creations, we prioritize the well-being and socialization of our Oodle puppies from the moment they are born. We follow a meticulous process of preparing our puppies for their forever homes, starting from the early days of their lives. From Early Neurological Stimulation exercises to introducing them to various stimuli and experiences as they grow, we ensure that our puppies are well-rounded and ready to thrive in their new environments. Our commitment to their development and socialization sets our puppies up for success in their future homes.

Additionally, Oodle Creations offers a unique Guardian program for suitable applicants who wish to provide a loving home to our breeding females. This program allows individuals to become Guardians of our female puppies, providing them with one-on-one attention and care. In return, Guardians receive support from Oodle Creations, including covering vet expenses and offering a puppy starter kit. This mutually beneficial arrangement ensures that our breeding dogs receive the love and attention they deserve while contributing to the breeding program. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian or learning more about our Oodle puppies, please contact us at Oodle Creations for further information.