Detailed Information

Ngaroto’s Grooming Service, a subsidiary of Bendigo Pet Retreat, is a premier grooming service dedicated to providing top-notch care and pampering for your beloved pets. With a team of experienced groomers and a passion for animal well-being, we offer a range of grooming services tailored to meet the unique needs of each furry client.

Specializing in grooming services for dogs of all breeds and sizes, Ngaroto’s Grooming Service ensures that your canine companions look and feel their best. From basic baths and trims to breed-specific styling and coat maintenance, our skilled groomers are committed to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing the comfort and safety of your pets.

At Ngaroto’s Grooming Service, we understand the importance of regular grooming in maintaining the health and happiness of your pets. Whether your furry friend needs a simple touch-up or a full grooming session, our dedicated team is here to provide professional care and attention to detail, leaving your pets looking and feeling their best after every visit.