Detailed Information

Lewis and Jenny’s Designer Dogs is a reputable breeding kennel located in the picturesque Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, just a short distance from Glen Innes. With over 20 years of experience, this family-owned business specializes in raising a variety of designer dog breeds, including the popular Spoodle, Shoodle, Cavoodle, Schnoodle, and Borderdoodle. These medium-sized, low-shedding, and low-allergenic dogs are known for their intelligence, gentle temperament, and suitability for families, individuals living in apartments, or anyone seeking a loving companion.

At Lewis and Jenny’s Designer Dogs, each puppy is meticulously cared for and comes with first vaccinations, a thorough vet check, microchipping, and deworming. The dedicated team at this breeding kennel is committed to providing the highest quality customer service, support, and education to ensure that every new puppy owner is well-equipped to provide a happy and fulfilling life for their new furry family member. Whether you’re looking for a playful Cavoodle or an intelligent Schnoodle, Lewis and Jenny’s Designer Dogs offers a range of breeds to suit various preferences and lifestyles.

With a focus on matching their designer dogs with loving families, Lewis and Jenny’s Designer Dogs goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless adoption process. Testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the exceptional care and attention to detail provided by this reputable kennel. Located in Emmaville, NSW, Lewis and Jenny’s Designer Dogs also offers delivery services to Sydney and can arrange flights to most locations across Australia, making it convenient for prospective owners to welcome their new furry friend into their homes.