Detailed Information

Kinetic K9 is a premier dog care and training facility located at 200 Fivebough Rd in Leeton, NSW. At Kinetic K9, your furry companion will experience top-notch care in a climate-controlled, indoor/outdoor boarding facility. With daily walks, playtime, and access to daycare and training services, your dog will feel right at home. The facility also offers grooming services to ensure your dog returns home smelling fresh and clean. Kinetic K9 is dedicated to providing a safe and engaging environment for dogs, treating them like part of the family.

The team at Kinetic K9 is renowned for giving canines the time of their lives through a variety of services tailored to meet each dog’s individual needs. From doggy daycare services that include playtime, training, and socializing to board and train programs designed to address specific behavioral issues, Kinetic K9 offers a comprehensive approach to dog care. The facility also hosts group classes, puppy classes, private sessions, and workshops to help owners develop a strong bond with their dogs and address any training challenges they may face.

Kinetic K9’s training programs focus on movement, play, and dog sports to provide stimulating experiences for dogs of all ages and breeds. Whether you have a young puppy learning the ropes or an older dog with behavioral issues, Kinetic K9 works with you to create a customized training plan. With a team of experienced trainers led by Josh, Kinetic K9 is committed to helping dog owners build a strong, dependable relationship with their furry companions. Join the Kinetic K9 community today to access exclusive offers, promotions, and expert dog care services.