Detailed Information

GCCFV Inc. is a reputable and established organization dedicated to the welfare and promotion of various cat breeds in Australia. Specializing in breeds that are not extreme in features and mostly short-coated, GCCFV Inc. is known for its Longhair Group which includes popular breeds such as the Persian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and more. The organization also caters to the Companion Cat group, providing support for non-pedigree or unregistered household pets.

Founded in 1928, GCCFV Inc. is a forward-thinking group that aims to uphold high standards in cat breeding and ownership. With a focus on promoting responsible pet ownership, maintaining breed registers, setting breeding guidelines, and organizing cat shows, GCCFV Inc. plays a vital role in the cat breeding community. The organization also offers genetic disease screening services to ensure the health and well-being of cats, with a comprehensive Feline Genetic Disease Screen available at an affordable price.

As an affiliate of various cat clubs, GCCFV Inc. collaborates with breeders and enthusiasts to host shows and events throughout the year. The organization’s commitment to fostering interest in cats and kittens, promoting ethical breeding practices, and providing educational resources for judges and stewards sets it apart as a leader in the Australian cat fancy community. For those interested in learning more about different cat breeds and engaging with reputable breeders, attending a GCCFV-affiliated show is a great opportunity.