Detailed Information

Welcome to empaw, a premier pet service business located approximately 60 km southwest of Sydney, Australia. Founded by Anna Kristiansen, empaw specializes in providing expert dog training services tailored to meet the needs of behaviorally complex and anxious dogs. With a focus on kind, reward-oriented training informed by modern behavior science, empaw offers a range of services including life skills training, exercise, enrichment, and behavioral conditioning walks for anxious dogs.

Anna Kristiansen, the driving force behind empaw, has a wealth of experience and knowledge in dog behavior and training. With a background in canine search and rescue training, as well as volunteering as a dog trainer in a shelter, Anna is dedicated to improving the quality of life for dogs and their owners through understanding and respectful communication. Her commitment to ongoing education and professional development ensures that empaw remains at the forefront of innovative and effective dog training techniques.

Whether you have a beginner dog in need of loose leash training, an active dog requiring exercise and mental stimulation, or an anxious dog seeking behavioral conditioning, empaw is here to help. Contact Anna Kristiansen today to discuss your requirements and discover how empaw can assist you in building a strong and harmonious bond with your canine companion.