Detailed Information

East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital is a well-established clinic located in Bundaberg, Queensland, dedicated to providing exceptional care to small domestic animals such as dogs and cats. With a team of experienced veterinarians, nurses, and receptionists, the hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment capabilities, including small animal internal medicine and surgery. The hospital also extends its services to birds, fish, guinea pigs, and other pocket pets, as well as providing treatment to injured or sick wildlife on a no-cost basis.

Dr. David Challen BVSc, the owner of East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital, leads a team that focuses on preventive health measures and the treatment of various health issues in animals. The hospital boasts a purpose-built facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Additionally, the hospital actively engages in community outreach, offering donations and expertise to organizations in need, showcasing a commitment to animal welfare beyond the clinic’s walls.

Established in 1984, East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital has evolved from a one-man veterinary surgery to a thriving multi-veterinarian practice. The hospital emphasizes the importance of pet health clubs, providing special discounts to members and promoting overall well-being for all animals. Visitors to the hospital’s website can take a virtual tour to explore the various services offered and gain insight into the daily operations of a veterinary practice. For inquiries or appointments, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the dedicated team at East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital.