Detailed Information

CleverPawz Dog Training is a premier canine coaching service based in North Hobart, TAS, dedicated to helping dog owners build a strong and positive relationship with their furry companions. Specializing in puppy training programs starting from 8 weeks old, CleverPawz offers a range of services including group classes, private sessions, and tailored packages to address various behavioral challenges faced by dogs of all ages.

Founded by Vicki, a certified professional dog trainer with a passion for using science-based, reward-focused methodologies, CleverPawz aims to make a meaningful impact on families and their beloved pets. With a focus on positive reinforcement and trust-building exercises, the team at CleverPawz is committed to providing effective solutions to common behavioral issues, from puppy socialization to snake avoidance training and scent work activities.

Through Vicki’s extensive training and qualifications, including certifications from the Karen Pryor Academy and expertise in K9 Nose Work®, CleverPawz ensures that clients receive the most up-to-date and humane training techniques available. Whether you’re dealing with a car-phobic rescue dog or seeking guidance on adolescent and adult dog challenges, CleverPawz offers personalized coaching to help you and your canine companion thrive.