Detailed Information

Cattery of Rosefield is a family-run British Shorthair (BKH) hobby breeding establishment located in Berlin-Biesdorf. Specializing in this beautiful breed, the cattery has been affiliated with the World Cat Federation (WCF) since 2018. The kittens are raised with abundant love and care, ensuring they are well-socialized from birth and integrated into the family environment, including interactions with children. Known for their affectionate and people-oriented nature, the kittens enjoy cuddles and lounging on laps. They have the freedom to roam all rooms and, on warm days, bask in the sunlight and fresh air in the secure garden.

At Cattery of Rosefield, the welfare and health of the cats are paramount. All breeding cats are rigorously tested for common feline diseases such as PKD, FIV, and FeLV, and are fed high-quality premium food with a minimum of 70% meat content. Only parent cats that meet strict health and breed standards, including the absence of genetic mutations and anatomical defects, are used for breeding purposes. Following international guidelines set by the WCF, female cats are bred a maximum of three times within a two-year period, ensuring their well-being and comfort in their role as breeding animals.

For those looking to welcome a kitten from Cattery of Rosefield into their home, the cattery provides helpful tips for a smooth transition. Recommendations include using synthetic pheromones in the cat’s transport box and throughout the house, hiding dry food to encourage hunting behavior, setting up high vantage points and scratching posts for climbing, and using familiar litter, preferably silica-based, during the adjustment period. With a focus on responsible breeding practices and the well-being of their cats, Cattery of Rosefield offers a nurturing environment for both their feline residents and prospective pet owners.