Detailed Information

Brisbane Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Service (BVECCS) is a dedicated 24-hour Emergency Vet Clinic located on Brisbane’s northside, specifically in Albany Creek. Specializing in after-hours emergency vet services, BVECCS is fully staffed all night, every weekend, and during all public holidays. With a team of experienced emergency vets and nurses available around the clock, pet owners can rest assured that their furry companions will receive top-notch medical attention and tender loving care regardless of the time.

At BVECCS, the focus is on providing quality patient and client care, with a commitment to being there for pets when they need help the most. The clinic is equipped to handle a wide range of emergency situations, from medical emergencies and severe trauma to toxin exposure and assistance during childbirth. The team at BVECCS boasts a combined emergency experience of over 200 years, ensuring that pets in need of after-hours vet care receive the best possible treatment and attention.

Whether your pet is showing signs of distress such as vomiting, lethargy, or breathing difficulties, the compassionate staff at Brisbane Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Service is ready to assist. No appointment is necessary at this emergency veterinary hospital, making it convenient for pet owners to seek immediate attention for their beloved animals. Located at 53 Old Northern Road, Albany Creek, BVECCS is the go-to destination for emergency vet care in the north Brisbane area, including the Sunshine Coast.