Detailed Information

Blacktown Kennel Training Club Inc (BK&TC) was established in 1960 with the mission of enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners while promoting various dog sports. At BK&TC, individuals can engage in activities such as training their family pets, participating in competition obedience, and showcasing their dogs. Regardless of the breed of dog you own, learning effective communication with your furry companion can significantly enhance the quality of your relationship. Obedience training is emphasized at BK&TC as it plays a crucial role in a dog’s overall well-being and happiness.

Each year, BK&TC hosts two All Breeds Championship Shows, two Obedience Trials, and one Gundog Working Test Trial, providing ample opportunities for dog owners to showcase their dogs’ skills and abilities. Additionally, BK&TC actively participates in the PAL NSW Obedience Challenge, further promoting the importance of obedience training and socialization for dogs. As an affiliated member of Dogs NSW, BK&TC aligns with the principal objectives of promoting responsible dog ownership, education, and the well-being of all canine companions.

Joining BK&TC offers dog owners a supportive and engaging community where they can learn, train, and compete with their beloved pets. With a focus on fostering positive relationships between dogs and their owners through training and sports, BK&TC continues to be a welcoming and educational hub for dog enthusiasts of all levels of experience.