This problem is not confined to the human population – many owners overfeed and under-exercise their pets, sometimes with the best of intentions.

The cat is overweight, even grossly fat, signified by rolls of fat under the skin.
This can cause breathlessness and reluctance to exercise. It can predispose the cat to joint problem and other illnesses associated with obesity, such as heart and major organ failure.

Old age, when the cat does no exercise or not as much as he may once have done, overeating, or being fed an unsuitable diet.

What to do
Consult your vet regarding a suitable diet plan. Encourage your cat to exercise more by playing, and hide his food ration around the house so he has to hunt for it, thereby expending energy. Follow your vet’s diet plan strictly; if the cat is old, a specially formulated low-calorie diet for elderly felines will probably he recommended.