Detailed Information

Black Horse Manor is a renowned horse stud specializing in breeding Spanish horses for all equestrian disciplines. With a focus on breeding Black and Pure Bay Spanish Dressage Horses, the stud has established itself as a specialist in producing high-quality horses for dressage enthusiasts and riders looking for top-tier performance.

At Black Horse Manor, our breeding program is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and excellence of the Spanish horse breed. Our commitment to breeding Black and Pure Bay Spanish Dressage Horses ensures that our clients receive horses with exceptional conformation, movement, and temperament, making them ideal partners for competitive dressage and other equestrian pursuits.

Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a passionate rider looking for a well-bred horse, Black Horse Manor offers a selection of Spanish horses that excel in various disciplines. Our dedication to breeding excellence and our love for the Spanish horse breed set us apart as a trusted source for top-quality horses that embody the beauty, athleticism, and grace of the Spanish horse.