Detailed Information

Berwick Obedience Dog Club, established in 1980, is a premier dog training facility dedicated to educating dog owners on responsible pet ownership and effective training techniques. Located in Kalora Park McKenzie Lane Narre Warren North, the club offers a range of obedience classes and fun activities to make training your dog a rewarding experience. With a focus on positive and reward-based training methods, the club aims to foster a greater understanding of dogs and strengthen the bond between owners and their canine companions.

Operating from the first Saturday in February to the first Saturday in December, Berwick Obedience Dog Club provides Saturday afternoon classes as well as twilight training sessions on Wednesday evenings during daylight saving time. The club’s experienced trainers have helped thousands of members become skilled in obedience, flyball, and agility, producing champions in various canine sports. New members are always welcome to join the club and participate in its engaging training programs designed to enhance both the owner’s and the dog’s skills.

  • Joining Saturdays for 2024: 2nd March, 6th April, 4th May, 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August, 31st August, 5th October, 9th November
  • Twilight training: Resumes on 7th February and ends on 3rd April during daylight saving time
  • Upcoming events: Scent Trials at KCC Park on 17th January and at Berwick on 30th April, Open Trial on 19th May, AGM on 9th September, Members Competition on 30th November, Christmas Breakup on 7th December