Detailed Information

Bengals Australia is a renowned business specializing in breeding high-quality Bengal Kittens with a focus on health and temperament. Situated in Devon Meadows, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Bengals Australia is owned and operated by Ben and Uriah, who are dedicated to upholding the business’s reputation for producing show-quality cats. The Bengal Cat, a captivating cross between a domestic queen and the wild Asian leopard cat, is the primary focus of Bengals Australia’s breeding program.

With a commitment to maintaining healthy breeding lines and ensuring the well-being of their cats, Bengals Australia is a registered breeder with Cats Victoria Incorporated. Their cats are raised in a loving home environment with plenty of socialization, including interaction with children. Bengals Australia’s kittens have garnered international acclaim, with many being exported worldwide and achieving prestigious titles from organizations such as CCC of A and FCCVic.

The Bengal Cat’s unique characteristics, such as their resemblance to wild ancestors and friendly disposition, make them a sought-after breed among cat enthusiasts. Bengals are known for their large size, love for water, and playful nature. With a history rooted in the efforts of breeders like Mrs. Jean Mill in the USA, Bengals Australia continues to contribute to the preservation and promotion of this fascinating breed, offering individuals the opportunity to welcome these exceptional felines into their homes.