Detailed Information

Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic, located at 11759 Midland Highway in Bannockburn, VIC, is a modern and well-equipped veterinary hospital offering a wide range of services to cater to all your pet’s needs. Led by experienced veterinarians Dr. Peter Bond and Dr. Kylie Flanagan, the clinic provides comprehensive vet services including vaccinations, desexing, dental care, and in-house blood testing, x-ray, and ultrasound facilities. They also offer puppy training classes, juvenile canine good manners classes, and services for exotic and pocket pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and mice.

With a focus on providing the highest standard of care, Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic is known for its friendly and professional staff who are dedicated to keeping your pets healthy and happy. The clinic has a purpose-built equine facility on-site for treating and hospitalizing horses, and the veterinarians are registered AQIS veterinarians capable of handling the importing and exporting requirements for pets and animals. The clinic’s inpatient hospital care ensures that your pet receives the necessary attention and comfort in case of illness or injury, with separate dog and cat wards to accommodate different needs.

Dr. Peter Bond, who has been associated with Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic since 1995 and took over ownership in 2004, leads a team that prioritizes personalized care and effective communication with pet owners. The clinic’s commitment to providing top-quality pet care in a compassionate manner has earned them praise from satisfied clients who appreciate the clinic’s homely atmosphere and professional service. Whether you have a beloved pet in need of medical attention or are looking for routine veterinary care, Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic is a trusted choice for pet owners in the Bannockburn area.