Detailed Information

Ballarat Animal Shelter, located in VIC, has been serving the community since September 2017 with a mission to find loving homes for animals in need. Operating by appointment only, the shelter aims to create a welcoming environment for both animals and potential adopters. With a focus on fast adoptions, the shelter requires all household members to be present during the adoption process to ensure a suitable match. While appointments are necessary, the shelter can accommodate serious inquiries outside of regular hours.

Committed to the welfare of animals, Ballarat Animal Shelter works diligently to place pets into forever homes as quickly as possible. They do not hold animals for any reason, prioritizing the well-being and happiness of each animal in their care. The shelter also ensures that all animals are desexed post-adoption, emphasizing responsible pet ownership. For more information on available animals and adoption procedures, interested individuals can contact the shelter via phone at 5334 2075 or email.

Ballarat Animal Shelter collaborates with organizations like PetRescue, a national animal welfare charity dedicated to saving the lives of rescue pets across Australia. By leveraging innovative technology and disrupting traditional adoption methods, PetRescue and its partners, including Ballarat Animal Shelter, strive to create a future where every pet is safe, respected, and loved. Through their collective efforts, they aim to drive social change, unite communities, and ultimately save the lives of thousands of animals in need.