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Dogs NT

Dogs NT in Winnellie, NT promotes responsible dog ownership, offers training, shows, and trials, engages members, and values inclusivity.

Dogs Queensland

Dogs Queensland is a trusted resource for selecting, breeding, and showing purebred dogs, offering expert advice and support in Australia.

German Shepherd Dog Association Of WA

The GSDA of WA is a reputable organization in Western Australia dedicated to promoting and preserving the noble German Shepherd breed.

Dogs Tasmania

“Dogs Tasmania, part of TCA Inc, organizes pure-bred canine events, shows, and trials for all breeds, promoting engagement and education.”

Guide Dogs Victoria - Bendigo Office

Guide Dogs Victoria – Bendigo Office offers personalized support for low vision individuals in Victoria, focusing on independence and mobility skills.

Dogs SA

Dogs SA promotes responsible dog ownership and breeding, offering services, resources, and activities for dog enthusiasts, exhibitors, and breeders.

Dogs Victoria (registered as Victorian Canine A...

“Dogs Victoria, a reputable organization in Australia, guides individuals in adopting purebred puppies, excelling in dog competitions, and ethical breeding practices.”


DOGS NSW is Australia’s top resource for dog enthusiasts, breeders, and owners, offering expert guidance on breeds, breeders, shows, and breeding.