Detailed Information

Guide Dogs Victoria – Bendigo Office is a dedicated organization that provides personalized support to individuals living with low vision or blindness throughout Victoria. With a focus on helping people achieve their personal goals and enhance their independence, the Bendigo Office offers a range of services including Orientation & Mobility training and Occupational Therapy support. Through these programs, individuals can learn essential skills to navigate their daily environments safely and confidently.

At Guide Dogs Victoria – Bendigo Office, individuals can access tailored services to support their unique independence and mobility goals. Whether it’s learning how to safely prepare a family meal or engaging in community activities like gardening, the team of specialists is committed to teaching the necessary skills for individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Additionally, the organization provides opportunities for social connection through support services, activities, events, and training programs, allowing individuals with low vision to share experiences and build a supportive community.

Through a range of funding channels and assistance options, Guide Dogs Victoria – Bendigo Office ensures that individuals have access to the support they need to achieve their personal goals. Referrals are welcome from friends, family members, and health professionals, making it easy for individuals to take the first step towards greater confidence and independence. By nurturing puppies through their world-class Guide Dog program and fostering strong bonds between individuals and their Guide Dogs, the organization is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those living with low vision or blindness.