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Gold Coast Pups and Cutz

Gold Coast Pups and Cutz, a reputable family-owned business in Gold Coast, Australia, specializes in breeding healthy Cavoodle pups and grooming services.

mycavoodle products and boutique cavoodle breeder

Mycavoodle in Sydney breeds f1b toy cavoodles, offers custom products, and prioritizes ethical breeding, health, and support for owners.

Billabong Creek Kennels

Billabong Creek Kennels in Victoria breeds top-quality Spoodles and Cavoodles since 1993, focusing on health, temperament, and hybrid vigor.

Waratah Puppies - Enriching lives through the l...

Waratah Puppies, a renowned social enterprise, breeds Cavoodle and Shoodle puppies for children with special needs, promoting companionship and inclusion.

Urban Puppies - Cavoodle Breeder

Urban Puppies, a reputable Cavoodle breeder near Melbourne CBD, focuses on raising healthy, city-friendly puppies with responsible breeding practices.

Toy Poodle Stud Services Sydney

Toy Poodle Stud Services Sydney is a reputable breeder in Fairfield, NSW, specializing in top-quality Cavoodles, offering healthy, well-socialized puppies.

Sydney Cavoodles

Sydney Cavoodles in Camden, NSW breeds healthy Toy and Mini Cavoodles, prioritizing ethical practices, genetic testing, and lifelong support for owners.

House of Cavoodle

House of Cavoodle in Victoria breeds high-quality Cavoodles, prioritizing health, temperament, and support for families. Experience joy with a loving companion.

Homestead Puppies - Dog Breeder Cavoodle Moodle

Homestead Puppies, a reputable dog breeder in Australia, specializes in toy Cavoodles and Moodles, producing genetically healthy, affectionate puppies since 2014.

Tawoodles - Cavoodle Breeder

Tawoodles – Cavoodle Breeder, established in 2012 in Port Melbourne and Braybrook, Victoria. Specializing in Toy Cavoodles with health guarantees.

Animal Kingdom Pet Store

Animal Kingdom Pet Store in Nerang, QLD offers top-quality, non-shedding puppies like Spoodle x Mini Poodle and Cavoodle breeds for families.

Willow Pets

Willow Pets in Willow Grove, Gippsland, Victoria, breeds Groodles and Cavoodles, offering top-quality, ethically raised puppies for loving families.

Kruizen Puppies

Kruizen Puppies is a reputable breeder in NSW and Victoria, offering genetically sound designer dog breeds with expert guidance and support.


Cutestcavoodlesinoz in Goulburn, NSW breeds first-generation Toy Cavoodles, offering adorable puppies with unique characteristics, raised with love and care.

Charming Cavoodles

Charming Cavoodles in Melbourne breeds healthy, happy Cavoodles, prioritizing socialization and health with a lifetime guarantee and responsible breeding practices.

Diamond Valley Kennels Pty Ltd

Diamond Valley Kennels in Sunshine Coast Hinterland breeds healthy puppies like Cavoodles, Spoodles, and Golden Retrievers in a scenic setting.


BremelPaws in Glen Innes, NSW, breeds healthy Cavoodles, offering vet care, transport, and support for families seeking a loving companion.


Ellejaypuppies: Family breeder in NSW, Australia, specializing in healthy, DNA-tested Cocker Spaniels and Cavoodles, ensuring ethical breeding practices.

Webster's Kennels

Webster’s Kennels: Family-owned, reputable business offering top-quality small breed dogs like Cavalier King Charles, Cavoodles, Moodles, and upcoming Cocker Spaniels.

Cavoodle Love

Cavoodle Love, a top boutique breeder in Adelaide Hills, SA, specializes in high-quality Cavoodles, fostering community and excellence in breeding.