Detailed Information

Welcome to mycavoodle, a boutique cavoodle breeder and provider of custom-made products for cavoodle owners. Based in Sydney, Australia, mycavoodle is dedicated to educating individuals and families about the cavoodle breed and offering high-quality products tailored specifically for these beloved furry companions. With a passion for cavoodles and a commitment to ethical breeding practices, mycavoodle strives to ensure that every cavoodle puppy finds a loving and caring forever home.

Specializing in f1b toy cavoodle puppies, mycavoodle focuses on producing pups that are toy-sized, curly-coated, and low shedding, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. Through thorough health testing and adherence to breeding standards, mycavoodle guarantees the well-being and good nature of their puppies. With a focus on providing ongoing support and guidance to new cavoodle owners, mycavoodle aims to create a seamless and joyful experience for both the puppies and their adoptive families.

  • Offering a range of custom-made products such as grooming tools, food and water bowls, hemp oil, toys, and more, mycavoodle ensures that cavoodle owners have access to premium essentials for their furry friends.
  • As a member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia Association, mycavoodle upholds the highest standards of care and welfare for their puppies, prioritizing their health and happiness above all else.
  • With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and education, mycavoodle provides a wealth of resources and support to help cavoodle owners navigate the joys of pet ownership and create lasting bonds with their beloved companions.