Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds – From small dogs breeds to large, from hairless to fluffy. Our list of dog breeds of the largest dog breed lists on the net. Whilst dogs differ greatly in appearance and size, they differ more in temperament and personality both within breeds, and across breeds.

Some breeds, especially herding breeds, are very trainable and love to be give tasks and goals. Breeds that are traditionally livestock guardian dogs are wilful and determined and will not respond well to certain training methods. Few dogs hate company, but hound dogs will pine without it. No amount of training will stop a sight hound from chasing a running prey animal such as a rabbit.

Some breeds are so fierce, their mere existence has been banned in some countries, others are known for being friendly and gentle in the face of any situation. Some breeds require daily, strenuous exercise; others will be fine with little or none.

Its important to match a dog breed to your residence, your lifestyle, and your personality. Don’t think because you had a pet dog as a child, a dog you later get as an adult will be anything like it, it’s very likely it won’t.

Our dog breeds are grouped into various categories or types, where each type will exhibit similar attributes and behaviour.

Choose a dog as a pet carefully, because the consequence for your dog and for you if you make an ill considered choice can be disastrous. We recommend reading through the dog breed pages to get a good feel for the dog the best suits you, before you start looking for dog breeder.

Thai Ridgeback


One of only three types of dogs with a distinctive ridged back, the Thai Ridgeback is a large, short-haired dog originating from Thailand. Similar-looking dogs can also be found in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The dog is still relatively unknown outs

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Tibetan Spaniel


For a truly charming pet, it's hard to go past the Tibetan Spaniel. These small dogs have their origins in the Himalayas of Tibet, and their existence stretches back some two thousand years. Tibetan Spaniels are thought to have been bred by Tibetan Buddhi

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Tosa Inu


The TOSA INU is known more commonly as the Tosa-Ken or Tosa-Token originated in Japan and was bred as a fighting dog. Appearance The Tosa varies considerably in size, with the Japanese-bred dogs tend to be about half the size of those bred outside the cou

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Toy Fox Terrier


The Toy Fox Terrier is directly descended from the larger Fox Terrier but is now considered a separate breed. Temperament The Toy Fox Terrier is intelligent, bold and athletic. Although lithe, it is hardy and well balanced. Toy Fox Terriers are said to l

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Treeing Walker Coonhound


The Treeing Walker Coonhound descended from the English Foxhound, the breed began when a stolen dog of unknown origin, known as "Tennessee Lead", was crossed into the Walker Hound in the 1800s

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Welsh Corgi


The Welsh Corgi breed has gained notoriety as a British royalty dog but just about anyone will be happy to have one as their family pet. Recognized by their short legs and long bodies, Corgis are natural herders and love to be part of the pack. There are

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Welsh Springer Spaniel


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an excellent choice of animal for a family pet. They are beautiful animals in every sense. Visually their deep red and white coat is visually appealing as tis their long flowing coat, temperament wise they are loving and ki

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The Wetterhoun has thick, curly hair, which covers the entire body except for the head and ears as well as the legs. The coat colour can be liver, liver and white, black or black and white and the dogs generally have spots. The coat is oily and water-repe