Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds – From small dogs breeds to large, from hairless to fluffy. Our list of dog breeds of the largest dog breed lists on the net. Whilst dogs differ greatly in appearance and size, they differ more in temperament and personality both within breeds, and across breeds.

Some breeds, especially herding breeds, are very trainable and love to be give tasks and goals. Breeds that are traditionally livestock guardian dogs are wilful and determined and will not respond well to certain training methods. Few dogs hate company, but hound dogs will pine without it. No amount of training will stop a sight hound from chasing a running prey animal such as a rabbit.

Some breeds are so fierce, their mere existence has been banned in some countries, others are known for being friendly and gentle in the face of any situation. Some breeds require daily, strenuous exercise; others will be fine with little or none.

Its important to match a dog breed to your residence, your lifestyle, and your personality. Don’t think because you had a pet dog as a child, a dog you later get as an adult will be anything like it, it’s very likely it won’t.

Our dog breeds are grouped into various categories or types, where each type will exhibit similar attributes and behaviour.

Choose a dog as a pet carefully, because the consequence for your dog and for you if you make an ill considered choice can be disastrous. We recommend reading through the dog breed pages to get a good feel for the dog the best suits you, before you start looking for dog breeder.

Patterdale Terrier


The Patterdale Terrier is a large personality in a small body. Lively and fun loving, this dog needs his fair share of attention and will let you know when it wants to play. Very healthy and low maintenance, this dog is a great companion.

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Pekingese were bred in China for royal palaces; even the colour of their coat was supposed to match the Emperor’s robes. The Chinese rulers gave them very high status and honour and they were referred to as the Lion Dog, because of their strong nobl


Pharaoh Hound


The Pharaoh Hound is a tall, athletic dog with a slim build and long legs. It appears both graceful and intelligent and not in any way bulky or aggressive. Its body and head and are both long and lean with the length of its body slightly longer than its

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Polish Lowland Sheepdog


The uninitiated could be forgiven for confusing the Polish Lowland Sheepdog with the Old English Sheepdog, to which it bears quite a resemblance. However, the breed is more closely related to the Puli. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a medium-sized dog wit

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The Pomeranian is a dog full of both energy and enthusiasm. Weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg, the toy breed makes a wonderful family pet, but the Pomeranian craves attention and it is important to make the ground rules clear early-on. History suggests the Po




Poodles are popular, intelligent and elegant dogs with a curly, non-shedding coat and a temperament that can make them a great companion and family pet. They were originally bred in Europe as a water retriever and in Germany were known as ‘Pudelin&r




Pugs have been bred as companions for humans, rather than as working or competition dogs. They were once very ‘aristocratic’, being a favourite in royal courts, in Italy even being dressed in pantaloons and fancy jackets! When they were no lon




The Puli is a medium sized dog most recognised by its corded coat.




The Pumi (not to be confused with the Puli) is was bred as a utility farm dog in Hungary was expected to act as both herding dog herding cows and strangely enough, pigs - but also as a vermin catcher. They were thus bred to have both herding and terrier t


Pyrenean Shepherd


The Pyrenean Shepherd is a small herding dog known for its amazing agility and its resourcefulness. The breed, which hails from the Pyrenees Mountains in France, is small-to-medium in size, and is muscular and shaggy in appearance. The breed has been arou

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Rat Terrier


If you are looking for the right pet to rid you of your rat problem and you are more of a dog lover than cat lover, the Rat Terrier might be just the dog for you. Known for extinguishing a serious rat infestation in the matter of hours, the Rat Terrier al

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Redbone Coonhound


At the end of the 19 hundreds as America grew and grew in wealth, a great many different hound dog breeds were imported into the US for use by rich landowners wishing to emulate the hunting traditions undertaken by the English aristocracy. Many breeds w

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Rhodesian Ridgeback


Apart from the tell-tale and defining ridge which runs down the back of the Rhodesian Ridgeback they are probably best known from their history in South Africa is hunters of lions. Whilst indeed this is true and they are remarkably brave dogs the image of

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The Rottweiler is an ancient breed of dog developed in Germany in the Middle Ages. They are powerful and muscular with a massive build indicative of their Molosser heritage. In Australia they are both much loved as gentle family Guardian dogs as well is b




The Dutch Saarlooswolfhond is an unusual breed of dog in that it is bred from both wolf and domestic dog blood. There don’t appear to be any breeders in Australia at this time so if you’re set on having one, the chances are you’ll need t




Developed in northern Russia the Samoyed dog was bred as a utility work dog. Their tasks included herding of reindeers, as draught animals pulling sleds, and his companions and guard dogs. The name is derived from the Samoyedic people of this area who fir




The Schipperke is a headstrong dog with a mischievous expression and a fox like face. Not easily outsmarted, this breed needs an intelligent owner that will find many outlets for his pet


Scottish Deerhound


The Scottish deerhound a distance appears to greyhound having a bad hair day on closer inspection there are clearly made from a different if somewhat similar mould. They have a much longer if somewhat shaggy coat, a slightly taller and have a much more mu

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