Parrots as Pets

Parrots as Pets

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How it can be a lot of fun to own whether they are kept as hobby animals pets the smaller parrots tend to be kept as hobby animals as they are less talkative and require less interaction the larger parrots are much more social will require a lot more of your time it additionally there are also generally far better talkers what type of current issues as a pet really depend on what you’re looking for.

As a general rule you’ll be better off with a hand reared male parrot they tend to be more friendly will interact better and they are less prone to suffering from breathing related illnesses. Of course a female parrot is then make an excellent pet is well that they are more prone to health issues.

Whilst it is easy to distinguish males from females in many breeds of parrots there are some breeds in which gender testing through physical characteristics is almost impossible in such circumstances it is always best to get a DNA sexing test prior to purchasing your new parrot.

It is most important to choose a parrot that is going to suit you and your home – considerations of space are important. Will your new to require a small cage or a large Avery? Will your interest in your new at stand the test of time – parrots are very long living pets – even the shortest lived parrots outlive most cats and dogs with some leading up to 100 years.Below we have a list of Australian and exotic breeds of parrots – although parrots recommended he would make excellent pets that are all very different so please take the time to read through the different types before choosing the one that is right for you.

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Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo as pets


The sulphur crested cockatoo are large white cockatoos with a trademark yellow crest that are relatively common in the eastern and northern states of Australia. There are in fact two subspecies of this bird namely the greater and the Lesser sulphur creste

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Umbrella Cockatoo


The Umbrella Cockatoo, originating from Indonesia, is a beautiful white bird with an umbrella shaped crest. These long-lived birds make great pets for some, but owning this bird should not be considered lightly as they can become destructive and demanding

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White-Capped Pionus


The White crowned / white capped Pionus parrot is one of the smaller members of the popular Pionus parrot species. At an average of 24 cm in height are a small to medium-sized parrot. They are calm and fun loving parrots and make wonderful pets.

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