Talking Ability: – Moderate but better than the White Capped Pionus
Noise Level: – Moderate, noisier when breeding.
Life Expectancy: – to 40 years but rarely longer than 25
Originally from: Central and South America
Size: – Small/Medium to 29cm in height
Scientific Name: Pionus Chalopterus
Ease of Breeding: Moderate

The bronze winged Pionus Parrot is a wonderful small to medium-sized parrot from Central and South America. They are of similar size to the White capped Pionus they are very different birds. Boss they are fun loving and gregarious like the White capped the better talkers able to learn up to 20 words in the tender form closer bonds with an individual and become somewhat like a companion bird, especially in the case of males.

A small to medium-sized parrot around 29 cm in length they are predominantly purple in colour. Again the name from the bronze colourings that appear on the wings. The head and make a bronze brown will stop most of its feathers are broadly edged the dark bite grey to have a dull pink throat and a white chin. They have  dark bronze green back rump and shoulder feathering with blue highlights. Had the green breast and abdomen with dark violet blue edging. As with the White capped Pionus the undertail covert are red.  The tail is dark blue without a feathers exhibiting a red haze. The eye rings are an impressive bright pink, irides are brown, they have flesh coloured feet and a horn coloured bill.
Juveniles have a greenish head and back with the breast and abdomen feathers exhibiting a dull dark green edging.

Assuming our hand raised the bronze winged Pionus parrot is an example of an especially delightful and sweet parrot. They do flocking groups in the wild and thus will enjoy the company of the entire family rather than just a single individual however they do tend to form a stronger bond with one person and can see themselves as a protector of that person – protecting them from other members of the household and visitors through aggressive behaviour. Most important is kept as a family pet but one person does not dominate the care and handling of the bronze winged Pionus.

They are extremely comical and seem to understand the humour of hanging upside down which they will do at any opportunity. They are very inquisitive and clever. You will need to provide them with many toys to keep them entertained. They are also excellent escape artists and will play with their cage latch until they are able to open it so ensure you install an escape proof latch.

Health and Care
As with all parrots the largest possible cage is required. They are warm climate parrots so don’t expect them to do well in an outdoor Avery if you live in an Alpine region. Most of Australia however has got suitable whether to them to be kept in an outdoor Avery. Your outdoor Avery should be as big as possible preferably with a flight and multiple perches that they can fly back and forth from.

If you intend to house them in doors again a large indoor cage that will allow them to flat from perch to perch is required. Additionally they will require between 3 to 5 hours of flying time in the house. The case should not be left in the sun however they will require access to sunlight from which they absorb vitamin D which is essential to their bone strength.

They’re not strong or aggressive chewers to they will not destroy an ordinary parrot cage and it is unlikely they will chew through power cords. It is important that you set up perches for them around the house and by setting up these perches you’ll also be able to control to a greater extent where they poop.

In the wild they are constant bathers and in captivity they need to be showered using and water mister regularly. They will generally delight in this endeavour is to this delight by hanging upside down as you mist them. Don’t let them get cold ensure they have access to a warm room to dry out or even lightly blowdry them if they will tolerate it. Don’t mist them in their cage system promote fungal growth and cause respiratory problems.

Pionus parrots come from an area of the world where winter and summer days tend to be the same length – night is between 10 and 12 hours long all year round. They do need their sleep today expect your bird to do well if they are up with you alarm and lights on at 6 AM and still awake with you watching the TV with the lights on at 11:30 PM. Cover their cage which had been a quiet dark area at night.

Diet should be a mix of seeds fresh fruits and vegetables. Ideal vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, carrots peas and corn. They will accept almost all types of fruit. Some are reluctant vegetable eaters you can offer these birds sprouted seeds. If you do have a reluctant vegetable eater don’t do simply supply them with more seed – birdseed does not provide them with adequate nutrition by itself and is also too high in fat and your bird may become obese. Speak to your pet shop about the correct mix seed and/or pelleted diet to your Bronzewing Pionus parrot.

They are susceptible to certain health issues which is why in captivity they rarely reach the suggested 40 year lifespan. These conditions include vitamin A deficiency, respiratory disease brought on by by exposure to fungus, obesity and doubt. To combat these issues is most important their diet is kept varied, they are given sufficient out of cage time to exercise in the cage is kept dry and clean.

They are somewhat hard to breed and the white capped Pionus parrot – possibly because they are more choosy of a mate. That said if you provide them with the ideal conditions, a healthy diet a warm private nesting box at some point likely nature will take its course. Bronzewing Pionus parrots are indistinguishable between males and females so if you do go for a long period attempting breeding without any success consider getting DNA testing to 6 your parrots.

Bronzewing Pionus parrots are one of the noisier of the Pionus varieties though they are not in anywhere near the same noise level class is the large parrots. During breeding they will however be noisier so if you wish to breed them don’t recommend placing an outdoor Avery against the fence is your house opposite your neighbours bedroom window is you wish to have a good relationship with them.

They won’t breed before three years of age and sometimes not until the five.

Hand reared Bronzewing Pionus parrots are far better pets Sergei la breeding them with the aim of selling the chicks later as pets its best to take the chicks from the parents at around one week of age and then hand rear them using a parrot chick formula. Speak to your pet shop owner about obtaining this.

Bronzewing Pionus parrots are a marvellous bird to have as a pet either for a family or an individual. They are social and agreeable without requiring attention every moment of the day. They are affectionate the independent.

There are many breeders Bronzewing Pionus parrots in Australia to should have no trouble acquiring one.