Detailed Information

Top Cat Boarding Cattery is a new 5-star high-quality purpose-built feline-only facility located on 3 acres in a secure tranquil rural setting in Strathalbyn, South Australia. This luxury boarding cattery offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere with soft background music, individual pens equipped with all the home comforts, and daily visits to the playrooms. The owner, Carole Calder, is a true animal lover with a lifelong passion for pets, currently owning two pedigree cats herself.

At Top Cat Boarding Cattery, we understand that cats can be particular about their living arrangements, which is why we provide climate-controlled suites, spacious, clean, and comfortable accommodations that offer great value for money. Before leaving your cat in our care, we encourage you to inspect the facilities and take the time to settle your feline companion into their new suite. Additionally, we offer collection or delivery services for added convenience, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your cat.

Located just 57km southeast of Adelaide on the banks of the river Angus, Top Cat Boarding Cattery is easily accessible from various areas, including Adelaide suburbs, Adelaide Hills, Meadows, Mount Barker, Victor Harbor, and Murray Bridge. Give your cat the holiday they deserve by entrusting them to the care of Top Cat Boarding Cattery, where they will receive top-notch accommodations and personalized attention in a beautiful and peaceful setting.