Detailed Information

SuperCoons Maine Coons is a small boutique breeder cattery located in Australia, run by a Christian family originally from South Africa. Specializing in Maine Coon cats, the cattery was established in 2007 due to their fascination with the breed’s large size and gentle temperament. The owner, who is a full-time casual relief teacher, dedicates ample time to caring for the cats, which are considered cherished pets first and foremost.

At SuperCoons Maine Coons, all breeding cats are raised in a loving home environment, with kittens born and reared in the comfort of the family’s bedroom. The philosophy of the cattery revolves around providing a nurturing space for the cats, allowing them to roam freely throughout the house rather than being confined. The primary goal of the cattery is to breed healthy, beautiful Maine Coon kittens with affectionate and loving personalities, ensuring they are placed in homes where they will receive the care and attention they deserve.

SuperCoons Maine Coons prioritizes the health and well-being of their cats by conducting thorough screenings, including HCM scans at 1-2 years of age and hip x-rays at 1 year. Additionally, all cats are DNA tested to be negative for the MyBPC gene associated with HCM. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the gentle nature and loving personalities of the Maine Coons bred by SuperCoons, emphasizing the cattery’s commitment to producing exceptional feline companions.