Detailed Information

Rossmore Veterinary Hospital, located on a 5-acre semi-rural property 16km southwest of Sydney, is a premier veterinary center catering to a diverse range of animal owners, including those in rural, sporting, and domestic settings. With a dedicated vet MR unit, equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, Rossmore offers accurate diagnostic services and top-notch veterinary care. The passionate and skilled staff, including many AQIS Accredited vets, are committed to providing exceptional care to all animals.

Established in January 1986, Rossmore Veterinary Hospital has grown to become a leading veterinary practice in the region, serving the communities of Rossmore and surrounding suburbs. With a team of 10 experienced veterinarians and 35 dedicated staff members, Rossmore offers a wide range of medical and surgical services. The hospital’s facilities include horse stables and an Aqua Therapy Pool, ensuring comprehensive care for animals of all kinds. The team at Rossmore is dedicated to providing the best possible care and attention to every animal that comes through their doors.

As the demand for veterinary services continues to rise with the growing population in the area, Rossmore Veterinary Hospital remains at the forefront of animal care. From seasoned veterinarians with decades of experience to young professionals eager to expand their skills, the team at Rossmore is equipped to handle a variety of cases with expertise and compassion. Whether your pet needs routine care or emergency treatment, Rossmore Veterinary Hospital is committed to meeting your needs and ensuring the well-being of your beloved animals.