Detailed Information

Paws Resort is a premier pet boarding facility located in Birdwoodton, VIC, offering a luxurious retreat for your beloved furry companions. Our resort features spacious playpens equipped with shade sails and pools to keep pets cool during hot summer days. We also provide extra-large areas for multiple dogs from the same family, ensuring they have ample space to play and relax.

At Paws Resort, we cater to both dogs and cats, with updated cattery facilities that boast new pens and improved natural airflow for feline guests. Dogs can enjoy a refreshing hydrobath service, available for pets of all sizes. We prioritize the health and safety of all animals in our care, requiring proof of up-to-date vaccinations prior to boarding to maintain a secure and healthy environment.

In addition to dogs and cats, Paws Resort extends its services to a variety of small pets, with accommodations available upon request. Our dedicated team, led by Breigh & Zane Hammet, ensures that every pet receives personalized attention and care. For pet owners seeking a reliable and comfortable boarding experience for their furry friends, Paws Resort is the ideal choice.