Detailed Information

K9 Workouts, operating under the brand Kip Bayside, is a premier dog daycare and boarding facility dedicated to providing a safe and enriching environment for social dogs. Located in Melbourne, Australia, K9 Workouts offers a range of services including dog daycare, dog boarding, and door-to-door transport. With a focus on socialization and play, dogs staying at Kip Bayside can enjoy daycare play days, make new furry friends, and relax in comfortable rooms at night.

At K9 Workouts, the team is led by experienced professionals who are passionate about animal care. The daycare and boarding manager, along with the assistant manager, ensure that every dog receives personalized attention and care during their stay. With a commitment to excellence and a love for animals, the team at Kip Bayside strives to create a positive and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners.

With a strong emphasis on safety and well-being, K9 Workouts maintains high standards of care for all dogs in their facility. From vaccination requirements to tailored groupings based on size and personality, Kip Bayside prioritizes the happiness and health of every furry guest. Pet parents can rest assured that their dogs are in good hands at K9 Workouts, where fun, safety, and expert care come together to create a memorable experience for all.