Detailed Information

Illawarra Equine Centre, located in Berry, NSW, has been a trusted provider of equine veterinary services on the NSW South Coast for over two decades. Specializing in ambulatory care, their team of experienced veterinarians delivers top-notch medical attention to horses and ponies in their familiar surroundings. Established in 1986, Illawarra Equine Centre has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to excellence in veterinary care, equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure the well-being of their equine patients.

Managed by Dr. Mitchell Brown, BVSc, Illawarra Equine Centre boasts a dedicated team of 5 veterinarians and 3 support staff, all focused on delivering exceptional service to their clients. Situated at 90C Mullers Lane in Berry, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of veterinary services to cater to all equine health needs. In collaboration with their sister clinic, Randwick Equine Centre, Illawarra Equine Centre ensures that clients receive comprehensive and specialized care for their beloved horses.

With a commitment to providing expert veterinary care and a focus on utilizing the most advanced equipment and procedures, Illawarra Equine Centre stands out as a premier destination for equine health services in the region. Their dedication to delivering personalized care in a convenient and stress-free manner has made them a go-to choice for horse owners seeking top-quality veterinary services.