Detailed Information

Hillside Hounds, founded by Sophie, is a premier dog training and walking service based in Byron Bay. With over 7 years of experience working closely with animals in various settings such as veterinary hospitals, zoos, and dog daycare centers, Sophie’s passion for canine companionship led her to establish The Bones Brigade. After completing a Diploma in Professional Dog Training and Science Technology, Sophie embarked on her journey to provide top-notch care and training for furry friends in the picturesque surroundings of Byron Bay.

A typical day at Hillside Hounds starts early as the team prepares “bobby bones,” their trusty truck filled with treats and toys, for a day of adventures with their furry clients. From beach trips to engaging ball games and training sessions, every day is filled with fun and learning for the dogs under Sophie’s care. The day concludes with a well-deserved scrub down, treats, and a cozy nap, ensuring that each dog receives the utmost care and attention throughout their time with Hillside Hounds.

Customers rave about Hillside Hounds for Sophie’s professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for their beloved pets. Testimonials highlight the positive impact of Sophie’s patient and methodical training methods, resulting in happy and well-behaved dogs. Whether it’s a young pup or an older dog, clients appreciate the personalized attention and expert guidance provided by Sophie and The Bones Brigade. Follow Sophie and her furry friends on social media or catch them enjoying the beautiful Byron Bay beaches with a pack of happy doggos!