Detailed Information

Clayfield Veterinary Clinic is a trusted and established small animal general practice located in Clayfield, Queensland. With a dedicated team of 5 experienced veterinarians, including Calum and Joanne Robertson who have been serving the community since taking over the clinic in 2001, the clinic boasts a combined working experience of over 120 years. The clinic prides itself on providing high-quality and compassionate care for its patients, ensuring that no pet is ever turned away when sick or injured.

The clinic’s commitment to excellence is evident in its team’s extensive experience working with small animals in various locations such as Sydney, the UK, and Brisbane. Situated in a convenient location easily accessible to Eagle Junction, Hendra, Ascot, Hamilton, and other inner Northern suburbs, Clayfield Veterinary Clinic offers a welcoming and accessible environment for both pets and their human companions. The clinic’s dedication to providing sound and sensible advice, along with its promise to make time for concerned pet owners, sets it apart as a reliable and caring veterinary service provider.

With a focus on building lasting relationships with both pets and their owners, Clayfield Veterinary Clinic is committed to delivering exceptional care and support. The clinic’s team, which includes Lawrence Cahill, Kate Harmer, and Joy Wetzel, continues to uphold the values of compassion and quality service that have been the foundation of the clinic since its inception. For pet owners seeking reliable and experienced veterinary care in Clayfield and surrounding areas, Clayfield Veterinary Clinic stands out as a trusted partner in ensuring the health and well-being of beloved pets.