Detailed Information

Campbelltown Animal Care Facility is a dedicated establishment that provides facilities for receiving impounded and surrendered animals. Our primary focus is on promoting responsible pet ownership through initiatives such as microchipping, registration, and desexing of companion animals. We offer a welcoming environment for potential adopters to meet and greet our animals, ensuring a suitable match for both the pet and the family.

Our facility operates with the well-being of animals as our top priority. Dogs and cats in our care are booked for desexing at Council’s contracted vet, ensuring they are ready for adoption. We also provide guidance to prospective pet owners on the costs and responsibilities associated with owning a pet, emphasizing the importance of maintaining animal health and providing a secure and loving home environment.

At Campbelltown Animal Care Facility, we strive to facilitate the rehoming of animals in need, working closely with the community to ensure the best outcomes for both pets and owners. Our team conducts thorough assessments of surrendered animals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve. We welcome public donations to support the well-being of impounded animals and encourage responsible pet ownership practices within our community.