Detailed Information

Aristocrat Boarding Cattery is a premier establishment dedicated to providing top-notch care and accommodation for feline companions. Located in a serene and safe environment, our cattery offers a luxurious and comfortable space for cats to stay while their owners are away. With a team of experienced and caring staff, we ensure that each cat receives individual attention and personalized care during their stay.

At Aristocrat Boarding Cattery, we understand the importance of creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience for our guests. Our facilities are designed to cater to the specific needs of cats, with cozy sleeping areas, interactive play spaces, and nutritious meals provided. Whether your cat requires a short-term stay or an extended vacation, we strive to make their time with us as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

As passionate animal lovers, we specialize in caring for various breeds of cats, from playful Persians to elegant Siamese. Our team is trained to handle different temperaments and personalities, ensuring that each cat feels safe and content during their time at our cattery. Trust Aristocrat Boarding Cattery to be your cat’s home away from home, where they will be treated with the utmost care and respect.