Detailed Information

Sheps is a renowned business founded by Ken and Lyn Shephard, who are seasoned aviculturists with over 30 years of experience specializing in Lorikeets and Lories. Ken’s expertise in breeding Pied Rainbow Lorikeets has significantly contributed to their popularity in aviculture. Additionally, Ken and Lyn were pivotal in the legal importation of Buru Red Lories into Australia, showcasing their commitment to the conservation and propagation of these avian species.

With a collection of more than 80 breeding pairs, Sheps has successfully bred every Australian Lorikeet for multiple generations, including developing Rainbow Lorikeet mutations and breeding exotic Lories. Their vast knowledge on Lorikeets and Lories, coupled with practical experience, has positioned them as authorities in the field. They have dedicated years to perfecting bird care, diet, and accommodation, ensuring the well-being and breeding success of their avian companions.

Sheps is renowned for their innovative approach to Lorikeet nutrition, notably with the creation of Lori-Dry, a dry food diet that revolutionized avian nutrition. By collaborating with experts like avian veterinarian Dr. Jim Gill, Sheps designed a comprehensive diet that caters to the specific dietary needs of Australian Lorikeets. Their commitment to quality and health is evident in their meticulous formulation process, which prioritizes the long-term well-being of the birds in their care.