Wolf Spiders are common type of roaming spider found throughout the world, supposedly so named because of their hunting methods where they stalk their prey, like a wolf.  This seems like a misnaming as wolves tend to hunt in packs whilst the wolf spider is solitary.

Regardless of the origin of their name, they are interesting spiders to keep as pets.  As a roaming spider, they have excellent eyesight and their hunting is done using sight, rather than following the vibration along either a spun web, or web lined funnel.

Wolf Spiders will dig a burrow in the ground and use them as a home, shelter and place of ambush.  When waiting for prey the typically squat at the entrance to their burrow exiting it upon spotting suitable prey.

They are found throughout Australia and likely if you spend a bit of time walking backwards and forwards across your lawn you will spot a hole that doesn’t look like it should naturally be there – very likely if this hole is not web lined the spider inside will be a Wolf spider. Sometimes they make their burrow in a sheltered area under leaves, sticks or in between rocks. They can dig down to as deep as 30 cm are typically the holes will be only half this. Some species will create a trapdoor in place a pebble at the top of their burrow to protect themselves from predators such as wasps but also from flooding.

(Editor’s note. Though the Wolf spider is not a dangerous spider in that it is non-aggressive and its venom is not particularly toxic to humans its appearance is somewhat similar to other Australian spiders such as the funnel web, the trapdoor and the mouse spider all of which are extremely venomous. If you decide to go hunting for a Wolf spider yourself to keep as a pet you need to assume that you are indeed mistaken, that despite you thought was a Wolf spider is indeed a funnel web and act appropriately. Where thick garden gloves boots and long pants. Never pick it up with your hands. )

A Wolf spider will eat pre-much anything that moves that it thinks it can safely overpower such as crickets small lizards that even small mice, birds and juvenile cane toads.

They can make excellent pets if what you’re after is a pet and your interaction with is going to be low in terms of patting bit high in terms of watching them hunt their prey. A medium-sized fish tank is ideal to housing your Wolf spider. You can encourage them to dig their burrow on the side of the fish tank by placing sticks or leaves over a small hollow on the side of the tank after placing them inside. Dell initially wanted the tank looking for a short term refuge and then after finding this spot may well deem it as the best place to dig their burrow. Being able to see all spider true the side of the fish tank evil and its insides burrow certainly add to the excitement and shall be upset rush out come feeding time.

If you like an exciting species of spider that not only is a great and simple pet to keep but is also interesting to watch, then you definitely need to get your hands on a pet wolf spider.