Pet jumping spiders are one of the most fascinating types of spiders you can keep as pets. They are quite enjoyable to look at and have an amazing ability to move around real fast. Pet jumping spiders are probably one of the most common types of pet spiders around mainly because they are quite common in homes all over the world. The pet jumping spider has the ability to jump great distances, a feat that comes into full flow when faced with a female of the species.

Most jumping spiders do not grow very big but for their size, have an extraordinary leaping ability. If you are looking to keep a pet jumping spider then you will be quite spoilt for choice as there are over 5000 species of jumping spiders around. These spiders normally have great eyesight, a feature that is extremely important for them while hunting, as most of them do not build webs to catch their prey, choosing to run it down instead.

The pet jumping spider can jump upto 80 times its own body length and that means that may need a long and slightly high tank as their home. Inside the tank, they require a lot of climbing area and vantage points so that they can jump off after the meal you place in their cages.

Handling jumping spiders is a breeze as they are quite inquisitive in nature. They have been known to approach humans on their own, especially when a hand is extended towards them, jumping onto the hand and staring at it, trying to figure out what it is. Further interaction always leads to a backward jump without taking their eyes off of the hand. They are known to raise their forelimbs in threatening mode so as to ‘hold their ground’ despite our efforts to get closer.

Pet jumping spiders are great fun to watch when hunting. They are extremely active and do not rely on the comforts of a web to catch their prey. Any insect you drop in will result in an almost safari-like experience. The pet jumping spider will stalk its prey and pounce upon it, injecting venom.

Feeding them is quite easy although you need to be careful that they don’t escape when you are putting their food in. Pet jumping spiders will relish small insects that you drop in, devouring them quite rapidly.

In terms of putting accessories into their cages, you also need to ensure that there is enough hiding space in barks as pet jumping spiders (especially females) tend to build small silk nests where they hide or lay eggs.

If you are looking to keep a spider as a pet, then the pet jumping spider is a wonderful option that offers not just a pet spider, but one that is interesting to look at all times. Whether it’s stalking its prey during mealtimes or simply jumping off a vantage point with a silk thread for protection, there is never a dull moment with pet jumping spiders.