Large pet spiders are usually kept by people who absolutely love spiders. Going up to 12 inches in leg span, in the case of a pet Goliath bird eating spider, large pet spiders come in varying levels of toxicity. Also, since most of the large pet spider species are exotic, you will need to maintain certain temperature, lighting and humidity levels, to ensure a healthy pet spider habitat.

Most large pet spiders belong to the tarantula family, but despite their size there are many tarantulas that make perfect pet spiders. Falling under this category would be a pet Goliath bird eating spider, a pet pink toe tarantula, a pet Mexican red knee tarantula and many others. In case you are thinking of getting a pet tarantula, then the most docile and low maintenance options would be a pet Chilean Rose tarantulas and a pet Mexican Red Knee tarantulas. Now a pet Pink Toe tarantula is also quite docile, but it is an arboreal spider, making it a bit more difficult to handle.

A pet wolf spider is another great option for a large pet spider. They are relatively harmless to humans, though their bite can cause a slight swelling and pain. In case you are thinking of acquiring a pet bird eating spider, it is important to note that they are an endangered species, and hence need special permits. Despite their intimidating appearance, a pet Goliath bird eating spider will not really harm you, unless severely provoked. Even then, instead of biting, they usually kick urticating hair from their legs, which is extremely irritable and can cause breathing problems.

Now to keep large pet spiders, you will need to create the ideal pet spider habitat for them. Most of these spiders have specific requirements with regard to temperature and humidity. Also, unlike smaller spiders, their diet is a little different and in some cases should even include small mice. But mostly the same rules apply for large pet spiders as well. Do not feed your pet spider anything bigger than itself, and make sure all insects are well fed and pesticide free before feeding.

Even large pet spiders do not require much maintenance in terms of cleaning. The most important point regarding large pet spiders is handling. Do not unnecessarily handle these spiders, as most as not fond of humans and prefer dark quiet places. Thorough research about each species is a must if you want to have a safe and memorable time with your large pet spider.