Pet huntsman spiders are probably not the best choice of spiders especially if you are looking to start off on a new hobby. For the more experienced handlers only, pet huntsman spiders tend to be quite a handful when you are looking for an occupant for your empty tank. Extremely agile and quick, pet huntsman spiders have been known to be quite difficult to maintain, especially if you are someone who likes to handle his/her spiders at times.

Huntsman spiders are also known as rain spiders as they tend to run into human homes when it is about to rain. This makes them an excellent indicator of rainfall as well as quite interesting to observe in their tanks.

Feeding a pet huntsman spider is an enjoyable process as all you need to do is drop in the live insect and watch your pet huntsman spider gorge on it. They are voracious eaters and have humongous appetites. As spiderlings, you can feed your pet huntsman spider some wingless fruit flies as well as pinhead crickets. Once in their adulthood, you can, without thought, put in crickets and other similar insects and watch them hunt it down.