A pet pink toe tarantula is an extremely entertaining species of tarantula, and though comparatively smaller than most tarantulas, it is not an ideal beginner’s pet. Deriving their name from the pink tip of each foot, a pet pink toe tarantula is more high maintenance due to the fact that it requires high levels of humidity, as well as lots of ventilation. This combination can be a little difficult to achieve, but without it, it is unlikely that your pet pink toe tarantula will survive for long.

Pink toe tarantula’s are arboreal spiders, and unlike most other spiders can be placed with other pink toe tarantulas. This is not completely failsafe, so just to be safe, make sure that all the pink toe tarantulas are of the same size. For this purpose you could use anything from a 10 gallon to 40 gallon terrarium, depending on the number of tarantulas. Just make sure you introduce a lot of leafy plants and dark hiding places within the spider habitat.

Within the spider habitat you will need to have a substrate layer, about 2-3 inches deep, which could be potting soil, peat moss or even wood chips. Now it is important to maintain humidity at about 78 to 82%, while also keeping the habitat well ventilated. For this purpose it is important to put in a lot of plants, as this will add to humidity, while allowing you to keep the tank ventilated. Lack of ventilation will lead to the growth of mold and other fungi, which are extremely harmful for your pet pink toe tarantula. Don’t forget to add a small dish of fresh water, which should be changed regularly.

A pink toe tarantula is very agile, and though they are quite docile they tend to jump. This can be quite sudden as they are not entirely comfortable around humans. You just have to be careful while handling your pet pink toe tarantula to make sure there are no surprises. Sometimes pink toe tarantulas also shoot a small amount of fecal spray in defense, so watch out for that.

Regarding feeding your pet pink toe tarantula, you have many options as pink toe tarantulas are voracious eaters. They eat everything from roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, moths, butterflies to small lizards even. You have to make sure that the prey you provide your pet pink toe tarantula is free of pesticides, and has been fed well. All these steps will ensure that you have happy and healthy pet pink toe tarantula.