The English Foxhound was the original fox hound breed. They were developed to chase the scent of foxes while royalty went chasing after them in the hunt. Today they are show dogs and family pets. They are also still used for the fox hunt in England and other parts of the world.

The English Foxhound is about 23 inches tall and weighs approximately 70 pounds. The skull is wide and the muzzle is long, giving the dog a unique look. The eyes are dark and carry a sweet expression to go along with the dog’s sweet and gentle disposition. The legs are muscular and straight boned. The unique thing about this breed is the paws. They are almost catlike the pads are so rounded.

Since the English Foxhound was originally a pack animal, it gets along well with other animals and dogs. It also gets along with most humans and enjoys their company. This dog will make a great companion. Overall this is a very social and gentle breed. They are not shy with strangers, and while they can be slightly territorial they are not aggressive to strangers in the slightest. They are also tolerant, making them great companions for children. They will likely put up with a lot from a child before they even give a warning nip, if they even do that. However, like all hounds they can be somewhat difficult to train due to stubbornness. You will want to start training early and be consistent in all you do. It will take a firm and consistent hand to train an English Foxhound.

This is a very active breed, and as such you will need to make sure you dog gets plenty of exercise. However, there are not many other special care requirements. Since the breed was bred for working animals rather than a breed standard, there are few health factors. Occasionally you may see hip dysplasia with this breed. Renal disease may also occur in these dogs. Make sure that you get health information from the breeder when you get your dog, and make regular trips to the vet so that any ailment can be caught early on.

This is one of the longest surviving breeds. It was started in the 1700s, created by a mix between greyhound, bull dog, and fox terrier blood lines. The Greyhound in the English Foxhound allows the dog to be light on its feet and very fast. The Fox Terrier brought out the hunting instincts of the breed. The Bull dog gave it more muscle and a wider chest. These three things combined make one powerful, strong, fast, intelligent animal.